Battery INVO 12V 9 AMP Rechargeable Battery

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Battery 12V 9AMP Lead Acid Rechargeable

Battery INVO 12V 9 AMP HR Universal Versatile Durable Tab Top Deer Feeder Non-Spillable Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

Expert Specifications

Valve Regulated Acid Battery – Voltage: 12V – Ampere Hour 9AH Capacity range: 1.2-28 (25°C) Voltage class: 12v Low self-discharge rate: ≤2%/month (25°C) Long design life: floating life is 5 years (25°C) High sealed reaction efficiency≥98% Acclimation temperature range: -15~50°C Operation temperature range: -20~50°C Recommended operation temperature 25°C
  • 12V 9 AMP HR RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Equip your feeder with reliable energy! Get this durable versatile 12V 9 AMP HR Rechargeable Battery
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – This rechargeable 12 Volt 9 AMP battery has Non-Spillable Sealed Lead Acid construction
  • RECHARGEABLE – This versatile battery by American Hunter for game feeders boasts the ability to be recharged
  • EXPERT BATTERY – The 12V 9 AMP battery also has loads of different uses; This size battery is most commonly used for game feeders, headlights, backup lighting, and household alarms; It will make an ideal addition to any set of outdoor accessories



Battery 12V 9AMP Lead Acid Rechargeable