XB-3080 Industrial 1D Omnidirectional Laser Barcode Scanner with 2m Cable

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Stationary Barcode Scanner for Retail Store

The Syble XB-3080 Stationary Barcode Scanner , a high and stable performance  20 laser lines desktop Barcode Scanner ,which delivers unmatched performance  and widely use in retail stores , compatible with widows ,linux ,android and OS systems POS , it is our best sale Omni Directional Barcode Scanner.

The Syble XB-3080 Presentation Barcode Scanner can be held in hand or set on a base ,which produce 20 laser liens and cover 5 directional ,can read all common 1D barcodes at different angles and decode it ,the scan rate of this Stationary Barcode Scanner reach 1500times per second .

The head of the Barcode Scanner  can tilts  up to 30 degrees to accommodate  different objects ,it is compatible with OPOS and JavaPOS standards use in point of sale system ,and working with windows ,OS,Android and Linux systems .

When space is limited but high performance required ,the Syble XB-3080 compact design and footprint make it the ideal solution for space constrained  environments , the fast and accurate decoding barcodes of this Stationary Barcode Scanner ,improving productivity and customers satisfaction  . its fashion design and high performance help us achieved big success  after its launch ,it is our NO.1 selling Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner , and we believe its competitive  price will help you gain more markets share too .


Fashion and rugged design withstand multiple times 1.5m drop to concrete

Fast scan speed reach 1500times per second

Adjustable scan head can tilts up to 30 degrees to accommodate  different objects

5 scan directional and  20 laser lines

With compact and rugged design can fit in most space constrained areas

Compatible with windows ,linux ,android and OS systems POS