Thermaltake TG-30 CPU/GPU ThermalPASTE

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Thermaltake TG-30 Premium CPU/GPU Heatsink Thermal Compound | 4g | CL-O023-GROSGM-A

  • [Performance Compound] Contains diamond powder for higher heat transfer providing a thermal conductivity of 4.5 W/m-k.
  • [All-In-One Application Kit] Includes tools to clean, prep, and install fresh thermal compound to your hardware.
  • [Easy to Apply] Specially formulated to easily spread over the included honeycomb stencil for consistent compound application, providing a neat and well-covered CPU.
  • [Sustainability and Safety] The TG-30 is a non-electrically conductive compound eliminating risk of short circuit and offers a longer lifespan minimizing dry-out or cracking