NZXT Aer F140 140mm Fan (Black) “2 FANS INCLUDED”

$ 26.00 ---ONLY---

NZXT RF-AF140-B1 Overview *PACK OF 2*


Enhance your desktop computer’s cooling with the black NZXT Aer F140 140mm Fan. This fan features a chamfer design with winglet tip blades to minimize drag and optimize both airflow and pressure, reaching speeds between 500 and 1500 rpm. Its durable fluid dynamic bearings are made to perform reliably for over six years, operating quietly between 21 and 35 dBA to reduce distractions while you work, watch movies, or play games.

Chamfered Design

The PWM static pressure fan features a chamfered-intake and exhaust to enhance the overall airflow and pressure.

Winglet Fan Tips

Each fan blade has a specially designed winglet tip that reduces drag and boosts performance.

Long-Life Bearings

The copper fluid dynamic bearings are designed to last for over six years while delivering reliable and quiet performance.


NZXT Aer F140 Twin Pack RF-AF140-D1 2X 140mm High-performance Airflow PWM Fans

The Aer F performance fan is designed to maximize airflow through your build. Engineered to move air efficiently, it features a chamfered intake and exhaust for high volume airflow, and winglet-designed blades to reduce drag. The Aer F uses fluid dynamic bearing to provide silent operations, long-lasting durability, and powerful cooling performance with color customization.

Optimized for high-performance airflow
PWM fan with optimized cooling and whisper-soft 22 dBA
Winglet designed fan blades and chamfered intake and exhaust
Fluid dynamic bearing engineered to last over six years
Sleeved cables and vibration dampeners
Changeable color trim available in blue, red, and white (sold separately)