Network Cable Tester Line Finder Wire Finding TM-9

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Wire Tracker Cable scan & Finding trace telephone wire/lan cable trace wire in electricity system verity lan cable condition continuity testing DC voltage probe bright white Led Flash light

This reliable, handy & ergonomically designed economic tool has an intuitive operation, requires no expensive training. Because the cables are generic or standard you can find a pair of cables quickly. The function of speed regulating provides choice speed on testing. The function of speed and frequency changing provides choice speed on testing and choice frequency on looking.
It comes with RJ45 to BNC converter and Earphone for used in very noisy environment. You are always safe and secured when using the probe with direct contact on bare gold line.
Ideal for Telecom post bureau, Net Bar, Telecom Engineering Companies, Network Engineering Companies, Power Supply Army and other departments requiring wire.
Your wire Finder/Tracker Expert!


Finds Telephone wire target in bunch of cables in no time, find wire on switch or on patch panel
Finds the target Network wire in groups of cables in second, find wire on net bar or on router
Find the target Electric Wire quickly, no electric drill is required
Network Wire Collation Function, according to 16 wire sequences, you can judge the characteristics of short-circuit, breaking circuit, open circuit and crossing
Auto Scan Mode rapidly test corresponding double-twisted cables (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and G) while judging a wrong connection (short circuit and/or open circuit)
Network wire sequence collation, support direct wire collation of operating switch
Trace telephone wire/LAN cable
Trace wire in electrical system
Verify LAN cable condition
Continuity test
Offers other functions such as
Open Circuit or Short circuit Testing
DC Level Testing
Low Voltage Alarm Function
Volume adjustment, moderate/adjust level of sound via the volume knob
Spotlight or Flashlight Function for night testing or dark areas
Energy saving, Inching Switch can be use to automatically delay power-off
Low battery indication
With Bright white LED flashlight
Cable assignment test
Cross of LAN cable
2-wire (RJ11)/4-wire (RJ45)telephone cable
Comes with RJ45 to BNC converter
Cable state testing (2-wire)
Line DC detecting, anode & cathode determination
Ringing signal detecting
Open, short and cross tests
Best for telecom network wire engineers and regular maintenance work, network line computer engineer, and other wire engineering and maintenance.

Max working current:
Emitter: Less than or equal to 10mA
Receiver: Less than or equal to 30mA
Signal transmission format: Multi-frequency impulse
Signal output electric status: 8Vp-p
Distance of signal transmission: More than or equal to 3Km
Volume Regulate Function: Yes
Earphone for noise environment: Yes
RJ45 to BNC Converter: Yes
Sensitivity: Induction distance less than 20mm, strong anti-jamming ability
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 50° C
Operation Temperature: -10 ~ 40° C
Power Supply: DC 9V Battery
Battery life time: >50hrs continuous use
Size & Weight:
Emitter: 126 x 49 x 34mm; 0.060kg
Receiver: 175 x 42 x 27mm; 0.072kg
Whole Set: 270 x 165 x 45mm; 0.420kg

Set includes:
1 x Emitter
1 x Receiver
1 x RJ45 Network Cable
1 x RJ45 to BNC Converter
1 x Earphone
1 x Toolkit Bag
2 x 9V Battery
Instruction Manual
Colored Packaging BoxUTP STP FTP RJ45 Rj11 Cable Fault Finder

Product NameCable Tester & Tracker
Main FunctionTracing and Testing cable
Tracing Cable TypeRJ45, RJ11 cable and Metal wire
Testing Cable TypeCat.5/5e/6 UTP STP network cable
The max working currentEmitter≤10mA
Signal transmission formatMulti-frequency impulse
Signal output electric status8Vp-p
Distance of signal transmission≥3km
Volume Regulate FunctionYes
Earphone for noise environmentYes
SensitiveInduction distance less than 20 mm, strong anti-jamming ability
Storage Temperature-20°C to 50°C
Operating Temperature-10°C to 40°C
Battery Type9V alkaline
Low Battery IndicationLED display, backlight


Network Cable Tester,Plastic Network Hunting Machine Cable Tester Telephone Line Finder Wire Finding Tool