Lenovo S-03 2.5 inch USB 3.0 Mobile Hard Disk Box External HDD Enclosure

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LENOVO S-03 Portable USB 3.0 Mobile Hard Disk Box 5Gbps 2.5-inch Hard Disk Case

Main Features:
Expand more fun in life
Connect to computer, data can be stored and read at any time
Connect TV, watch massive videos
Connect a game console, entertainment life
Connect router, expand home storage

USB3.0 high-speed transmission
3GB video file transfer completed in 10 seconds

JMS578 high-performance master
Reliable quality and safer data

Smart sleep
10 minutes of no-read and write automatic sleep, protect the hard disk security, and automatically wake up when there is data reading and writing

Tool-free and convenient design
Install the hard drive in 3 seconds
Step 1
Push the lower bezel in the direction of the arrow and remove the lower bezel and the hard disk box middle frame
Step 2
Put in the hard disk, put the middle frame back into the aluminum shell, and fix the lower bezel
Step 3
Connect to the computer and start using

2.5-inch SATA interface mechanical/solid-state hard drive becomes a mobile hard drive;
Can easily connect the hard disk to desktops, notebooks, tablets, smart TVs, high-definition players and other devices;
USB3.0 standard, 5Gbps high-speed transmission;
Tool-free disassembly and assembly, complete installation in 3 seconds;
Metal and plastic shell design to speed up heat dissipation;
The separate design of the data cable is convenient for storage, small in size, and easy to carry;
With EVA foam inside, shockproof design.