HP V8 RGB 8GB DDR4 3600 UDIMM Desktop Memory

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  • DDR4 overclocked RAM provides powerful gaming support – The high-performance overclocked module supports one-key setup and auto-overclocking, helping gamers maneuver at lightning speed and crush their opponents like a juggernaut.
  • Seamless lighting command with dazzling synced RGB effects – Supports mainstream lighting integration software (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, etc.) with synced control of system and dazzling RGB lighting, offering ultimate visual impact.
  • Highly effective cooling function sustaining speed for longer periods of time – Pure-aluminum cooling vest channels off heat with high thermal conductivity. The vest increases the chip’s surface area of contact with the air to dissipate heat and cool down the chip more quickly.
  • Broad compatibility for worry-free configuration – The device has passed the compatibility tests for the DDR4 motherboards of major brands, which means stable operation for long periods of time.