Comfast CF-WR302S Wireless WiFi Router Repeater 300M 10dBi WiFi Signal Repeater 802.11N/B/G Wi-fi Extender Signal Amplifier

$ 17.00 $ 14.00 ---ONLY---
  • What is Wifi Signal Extender:Wifi Signal Extender is Wifi Repeater.It can extend the Router’s Wifi signal to longer distance.For example,if the effective wifi range of your router can only be reached point A,set a CF-WR302S at the around of point A,then the wifi signal can be extended to point B.
  • 300Mbps,Farewell to low speed internet:CF-WR302S provides you max speed with 300Mbps/s.No more delay for playing game,online transfer files and video chat.
  • Built in dual realtek chipset:Dual cpu,RTL8192EU+RTL8192ER,provides you with the most stable wifi signal and the fastest speed.
  • One Key Encryption:Press Comfast router’s WPS button for 1-2 seconds.Then press WPS button on CF-WR302S repeater for 1-2 seconds.The connection is completed.
  • Wall-Through Wifi Extender:CF-WR302S is Built-in Dual Realtek chipset,which ensure strong signal from the CPU.It is with dual external 5dBi Antenna,it can be going through very well and extend wifi coverage to long distance.