Cable 4K DisplayPort to DisplayPort 4K 60HZ 3 METERS

$ 6.00 ---ONLY---

DisplayPort 4K Video & Authentic Audio

– Enjoy the 4Kx2K (3840×2160) video

– Experience deep color depths and sharp images

– DisplayPort audio support for a full range of audio

Robust & Ergonomic Design

1) Gold-plated connectors
2) DisplayPort security latch
3) Non-slip surface
4) Molded strain relief

Superior Construction

1) Bare copper conductors
2) Wire insulation
3) Foil shielding
4) Braided shielding
5) Flexible PVC jacket

Latest Monitor Companion

– Connect an ultra-wide monitor for video editing

– Connect a fast response time monitor for gaming

– Enjoy immersive gaming with a crystal-clear picture


Cable 4K DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 3m (DP to DP Cable) with 4K (3840 x 2160@60Hz), 4k 60hz  support – 3 Metres