Adata XPG Prime ARGB VGA Extension Cable

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ADATA VGA Extension Cable – XPG PRIME ARGB EXCABLE, Wide Compatibility Across Various RGB Software’s and Major Motherboard Manufacturers




● Stunning ARGB lighting effect
● Support control software from major motherboard makers
● 8-pin VGA connector
● Two VGA extension cables included
● Patented ultra-dense optical fiber sleeving

Expand your dazzle with the XPG PRIME ARGB EXTENSION CABLE – MB! Let your rig come to life with lighting effects that are controllable with third-party RGB software from major motherboard manufacturers.

Stunning ARGB Lighting Effects

Your rig will turn heads with ultra-bright ARGB LEDs lighting effects.

Compatibility with Various RGB Software

Control the lighting effects with ease via RGB software from major motherboard manufacturers.

Supports 8-Pin VGA Connectors

Support for 8-pin (6+2) VGA connectors and two bundled cables let you work with various graphic cards.

Ultra-Dense Optical Fiber Sleeving

To enhance lighting transmittance and vivid colors while retaining real cable functionality, we have created a patented sleeve made of fiber optics specifically for this application.

Pure Copper Strand Cables

With a thickness of up to 16AWG, these pure copper strand cables are quality that you can feel, and reduce resistance while increasing efficiency.


Cable Type8-pin(6+2) VGA extension cable
Cable Gauge16 AWG
Dimensions (LxWxH)222 x 28 x 15mm
Fiber optical sleeved150mm ± 10mm
Operating Voltage+ 5Vdc
Max.current0.18A ± 5%
LED typeARGB LED 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.65mm (LED-ICR001)
Luminance100nits ± 20%
Color rendering index80
RGB chip quantity12 pcs x 2
Warranty2 years (The warranty information on the website takes precedence over the information on the user manual and box.)
Note***Features, Price and Specifications are subject to change without notice.