50 Pack Empty DVD R 16X 4.7GB Easy Burn

$ 10.00 ---ONLY---

Product Description

2022 RONC wholesale 50 Pack empty dvd r 16x 4.7gb printable Easy Burn Music 100’s Spindle Logo Printable DVD
2022 Ronc Wholesale 50 Pack Empty DVD R 16X 4.7GB Printable Easy Burn Music 100′ S Spindle Logo Printable DVD

1. Selling Points of DVD R.
*4.7GB or 120 minutes of write-once storage capacity.
*Superior recording quality and compatibility with 1x to 16x DVD-R writers.
*Record a complete 4.7GB/120min disc in approximately 5 minutes.
*DVD media continues to set the standard for high-speed disc performance, reliability, and compatibility
*Excellent compatibility with most DVD-R/DVD-RW drives.
*Can be played back on most CD/DVD-ROM and players.
*This write-once disc helps preserve digital data before they got deleted accidentally.
*Top quality and durable disc, good for long-term data archiving.