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AMPCOM M.2 NVME SSD to PCIe 4.0 Adapter Card

USD 14.00 ---ONLY---

About this item

  • M.2 NVME (M Key) SSD to PCIe X16 adapter with aluminun case
  • AMPCOM M.2 PCIE NVMe Adapter card converts M.2 (M Key) SSD to PCIe 3.0 x16 interface (32Gbps speed at Max). Supports PCIe 1.0, PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 3.0 motherboard.
  • It comes with aluminum case and thermal compound pads which helps to Quick Heat-dissipation and boost the transmission speed
  • Easy to installation and Plug&Paly, no driver required
  • Package: 3 thermal compound pads, 1 PCI-E adapter, 1 screw driver

BIOSTAR PCIe X1 USB 3.0 Crypto Mining Expansion Card

USD 22.00 ---ONLY---

Product Overview Gaming in the Virtual Life & Mining in the Real World
Have you ever thought about the possibility to turn your gaming motherboard into a crypto mining base? Gaming and mining make you get achievements both in the virtual life and in the real world. The BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card is designed for graphics card expansion to fully convert your gaming PC to a professional cryptocurrency mining rig that can handle much more graphics cards than those it could be equipped with.

Turn Your Gaming Motherboard into a Mining Base
The Crypto Mining Card with PCI-e x1 to 4 USB3.0 connectors is exclusively compatible with all BIOSTAR mining motherboards*, and select BIOSTAR gaming motherboards* and including the specific motherboards as following: RACING H170GT3, GAMING H170T, Hi-Fi H170S3H, Hi-Fi B150S1, Hi-Fi B150S1 D4, and TB150 PRO. To increase the mining profitability, this Crypto Mining Card can let mining enthusiasts set up their mining machine up to 8 slots for TB150 PRO to utilize more GPUs for more mining power**. Moreover, it can return your investment on your system by giving you the flexibility to create a mining rig to generate income from mining popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Zcash.

Maximum Total Graphics Cards for Mining When Used Inconjunction with the Crypto Mining Card:
• Racing H170GT3 + Crypto Mining Card = Up to 7 Graphics Cards.
• GAMING H170T + Crypto Mining Card = Up to 7 Graphics Cards.
• Hi-Fi H170S3H + Crypto Mining Card = Up to 7 Graphics Cards.
• Hi-Fi B150S1 + Crypto Mining Card = Up to 6 Graphics Cards.
• Hi-Fi B150S104 + Crypto Mining Card = Up to 6 Graphics Cards.
• TB150 PRO + Crypto Mining Card = Up to 8 Graphics Cards. Features • BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card turns you gaming machine crypto currency mining system, or expands your existing mining setup.
• Exclusively compatible with all BIOSTAR Mining Motherboards* & select BIOSTAR Gaming Motherboards*.
• Converts one PCIe x1 slot into four USB 3.0 PCIe connectors, so you can connect up to four USB PCIe riser cards**.
• Gives you the flexibility to use existing hardware to start Crypto mining, or increase the number of graphics cards in your current mining rig for maximum profitability.
• Powered by 1x 4-pin Molex Peripheral Connector.


PCI-E Express RISER USB 3.0 Cable V008 MINING

USD 8.00 ---ONLY---

no warranty on all mining parts and we are not responsible for any damage caused from using this item !!!!!



1: The new mining graphics extension cable with 4 solid capacitors, a regulator IC to make the video card power supply more stable and more secure anti-jammer motherboard. Increase the power indicator, easier to detect problems!
2: The new mining adapter integrated 4PIN, 6PIN, SATA15PIN, three different power supply port, to solve the problem of external power cord! Direct use of mining machine power lines more stable and enhance power supply, graphics power supply independent from the motherboard, thereby reducing the burden on the motherboard when connected to multiple graphics cards.
3: The graphics card slot using imported connectors, graphics cards and connectors better.
4: USB cable with multi-layer shielded wire, the longest 3M can be connected without attenuation signal.
5: USB cable is soft and stable, easy alignment, graphics can be placed.
6: slot with a fixed buckle, more convenient to remove the video card and fixed video card, the video card will not fall off the slot.
7: This extension cable is suitable for motherboard PCI-E slot (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X). Please plug in the power cord when using. Plug and unplug the PCI-E extension cable must be disconnected from the computer and then unplug the plug, the use must be aware of the precautions!
The new design, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X are compatible (1-16X and 16-16X can be used), PCI-E adapter new baked wire, safer, more efficient and more practical!
Product packaging :
A: PCI-E main board * 1
B: 1X small motherboard * 1
C: 3.0USB data cable * 1

PCIe 1 to 4 PCI-Express Card for Bitcoin Miner

USD 19.00 ---ONLY---

PCIe 1 to 4 PCI-Express 16X Slots Riser Card PCI-E 1X to External 4 PCI-e USB 3.0 Adapter Multiplier Card for Bitcoin Miner

  • Bus interface: PCI-E X1 (compatible with X4, X8, X16 slot)
  • Reduce the number of adapter and transfer line, one line directly to the interface, effectively reduce the interface interference and wire loss, to ensure data reliability, so as to improve work efficiency!
  • The main control panel uses PCI-E interface direct power supply mode, and no external power line is needed, so that the main board power is free from external interference, and the stability is higher!
  • Effectively solve the motherboard PCI-E interface is not enough, an interface can be extended out of 4;
  • The use of plug-in design, not through the extension line directly inserted into the motherboard interface, and can be fixed to the chassis, stability and reliability greatly improved!

PCIe Riser Mining Card,Awakingdemi NGFF M.2 to USB 3.0

USD 4.00 ---ONLY---
  • he main control board uses the direct power supply mode of PCI-E interface, and does not need to connect the power line again
  • The card slot is imported to ensure a better connection.
  • A high quality connector is used for the card slot to make the card contact well.
  • Multi layer shielded wire for PCI-E connector.
  • The PCI-E connector is relatively wear-resistant and increases electrical conductivity.

Riser Card Extender PCI Express 009S PLUS

USD 6.00 ---ONLY---

VER 009S PLUS For Bitcoin Miner With 3 LED Lights PCI-E Adapter Gold Plated USB 3.0 1X to 16X 6 PIN

Quick Details
ce, RoHS
Products Status:
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Product name:
009s riser card
PCI-E 1X to 16X Riser Cable
009s red
pp bag

Riser PCI-E 1x – 16x USB 3.0 SATA 6-PIN ver 009s MINING

USD 6.00 ---ONLY---

Newest VER 009S PCI-E 1X to 16X LER Riser 009 Card Extender PCI Express Adapter USB 3.0 Cable Power



USD 10.00 ---ONLY---

Product description analysis:
1. The graphics card uses 8 FP solid capacitors for power supply. Anti-burn machine chip. Make the graphics card work more stable.
2. Add 3 LED indicators
3. Gold-plated USB3.0 interface, running faster and more stable
4. The adapter card is powered separately, so that the power supply of the graphics card is independent from the motherboard, thereby reducing the burden on the motherboard when multiple graphics cards are connected.
5. The graphics card slot adopts the original imported connector to make the graphics card contact better.
6. The PCI-E connector uses multi-layer shielded wire
7. The wire is relatively soft, easy to route, and the graphics card can be placed at will.
8. The slot is equipped with a fixed buckle, which is convenient to remove and fix the graphics card, so that the graphics card will not fall off from the slot.